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ANDRÉ UERBA was born in Lisbon and raised in the suburbs. He's a Performer, Choreographer and Visual Artist. Uerba studied dance at HZT / Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (2013-2015) and previously advanced photography at Ar.Co (Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual), Lisbon. Alongside working as a performer with various artists, Uerba founded the production house SHORT HOPE, a platform designed to research, create, produce and promote his work. The projects operate at the crossover between performance & visual works, merging dance/ performance with sculpture/ installation elements. His works are united by a particular interest in the poetics that emerge within a slower frame of realisation, a transformation where the meaning is revealed at another pace.

Since 2007 Uerba has been working as artistic collaborator, group coordinator and performer with the duo Ana Borralho & João Galante, in "sexyMF" (Culturgest, Maria Matos, HAU, 2006-2016), "Atlas" (2012-2018) and "Trigger of Happiness" (Frascati Theater, Wildwuchs Festival, Scène Nationale de Chambéry, Naves Matadero, 2017-2019). He performed among others in the project: "A Long Lasting Plié" by Julian Weber (Grimmuseum, 2019), "Dancing the Problem (throwing dance)" by Diego Agulló (2019), "Reindeer Ager" by Bernardo Chatillon (2019), "Male Breast Feeding" by Antonija Livingstone (HAU, 2018), "This is so Contemporary" by Tino Sehgal (Martin Gropius Bau, 2018), "Self" video work by Christian Falsnaes (2018), "The Eternal Return" by Clément Layes (STUK, Potsdam Fabrik, Sophiensaele, 2017-2018), "Aggregate" by Alexandra Pirici (NBK, 2017), "Narkosis" by Sandra Man & Moritz Majce (Tanzfabrik/ Uferstudios, 2017), "The Print of Sleep" by Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa (KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2016), "Húmus" by Karnart (2011), "Monster" by Carlota Lagido (Eira, 2011) and "Se eu não puder dançar esta não é a minha revolução" by Miguel Moreira (2008).

In 2011 André took part in “Encontros Rumo”, a laboratory for young Choreographers mentored by Vera Mantero & Miguel Pereira and in 2013 he received the Centro Nacional de Cultura's (Portugal) Young Creator grant to develop the work “Terrarium”.
Alongside his studies he attended workshops and masterclasses mentored by Cláudia Dias, Frédéric Gies, Meg Stuart, Miguel Moreira, Ming Wong, André Lepecki, Vladimir Miller and Erwin Wurm.
In 2018 the project "Burn Time" received funding from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe (Berlin) for its development and the Wiederaufnahme support in 2019. Still in 2019 his work BURN TIME was selected one of 17 most interesting works created in Portugal during the last two years.

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SHORT HOPE is not an institution or yet an “official entity”.
 SHORT HOPE is primarily a creative hub informed by me and invited collaborators, looking to re-articulate and re-shape ways of thinking and dynamics of inscription in live works. The name SHORT HOPE appears in 2018 and echoes the constant and urgent need on reflecting upon the state of society and its bodies. I wish it would be possible through the act of performing - the act of putting something in motion - to lay hold of the totality of the world. Day after day I labour with the short hope that one day I’m going to manage, and through that, I keep myself in the hope that I will catch the wholeness of the Universe and continue breathing.
SHORT HOPE emerges from a personal point of view where the focus is positioned in looking inwards and working upon oneself, rather than searching in the material world for thing’s to make me happier or feel safe. A perhaps naïve way to re-connect to a forgotten nature, and this way to reconnect with one another. SHORT HOPE is a remembering note written on the mirror: Hope as a state of mind and an ability to operate for something because it feels sincere.