Concept & Artistic Direction
Dramaturgical Advice

Light, Costumes, Props, Sculptures
Curated by
Special thanks to
André Uerba
Thomas Schaupp
A small piece of something;
A part that has been cut, broken, or separated from something larger;
A small piece of a larger object that has broken, often into a lot of pieces;
A small amount;
A small amount of something;
A very small amount of a substance, especially when it is too small to see clearly or measure accurately;
A small amount of something that shows you what all of it is like;
A small amount of something that is offered so that you can experience it and decide whether you like it or not.

Friends / Supporters
Jozefien Beckers, Andrea Brandão, Pedro Carapeto,
André Uerba
(1st Sketch)
Bernardo Chatillon, Christopher Gliege, Camille Jemelen, Daniel Kupferberg, Olivia McGregor, Reza Mirabi, Sonia Noya, Anna Posch, Liselotte Singer, Michael Shapira, Paulina Szczęsna
Montag Modus/ Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Lena Szirmay
Joana Lucas
Camille Ulrich
the specificities and requests of each Venue. It's ongoing because it will be build and developed in a stretched period of time, depending on the availability of resources and interests.
Each piece will be developed till it "reaches" the desired outcome as a single piece - a teaser. After that, each idea can be developed into a longer piece, for a stage or gallery set up.

The constellation of SMALL PIECES occur when the sum of its parts - a reality between: hybrid and fiction, space and body, presence and absence, invisible and concrete - merge. Each score is constructed upon the same attention and insistence within the selected material and single idea. SMALL PIECES is the alphabet of an interior imagery, a sometimes-feverish study dedicated to activate the body through concrete actions. The project will be developed during laboratories and workshops with local communities, and can have a public presentation or not.

The (visual) act can become an act of faith, so let the body act as small pieces put together.

is a project that consists of a collection of short performances/ installations, teasers for yet non-existing
works. The trigger for this project was to create an archive of ongoing ideas, a portfolio to "sale" projects according
Source: online dictionary

Montag Modus #16 / Uncertain Distances, CHB - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 2017
Pool of Emotions
Selected Works